I'm Not Asking God for a Financial Miracle Anymore!

After 20 years of praying for financial miracles, I have seen God do the impossible. Our first two years of ministry saw us living on $50 a week to feed a team of 9. Let's just say that to this day, that I cannot look a cup-o-noodle in the face! Fast forward 20 years and we are now feeding, clothing and housing a full-time ministry team of 22 spread across three continents.

The reality of ministry is this guys... without finances, you are dead in the water. You cannot pay the phone bills, purchase stock for student manuals or put food on the table.

Anyone who is there, knows what I mean. You know what the worst part is? HOW EMBARRASSING IT IS!

How embarrassing is it, to do the work of God and to pray for God to somehow drop enough food at the door to feed everyone for dinner? The questions and accusations come...

"So, if God called you to do His work, shouldn't you be blessed in your finances?"

"If you were in God's will then He would also pay the bill."

"God is punishing you through your finances because you are not walking in obedience... "


The accusations are endless...

Oh man, I cannot tell you how many times I wrestled with God - these same accusations ringing in my head. There were some dark nights when I questioned everything I thought God told me.

When I saw my little children not even being able to eat bread in those first years, I cried like Hagar did, while her son rested a distance from her. Yet He was the God who "saw me" and He never allowed them to starve! He always came through.

These tough times challenged my faith, my convictions and what I thought I had heard from God. Yet the fire to do the work was stronger in me than my doubt and if you have been called to the work of the ministry, you can perhaps relate to my story.

For those of you who started from scratch, as we did, you know what I am talking about! I did not walk into a fully established ministry. We had to build it from the ground up as a team. So no... I am not going to keep asking God for a miracle for finances anymore. Do you know what I am going to instead?

I am going to ask God for a miracle in YOUR finances!


I want to be the person to you, that we never had. We had to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and trust God for every crumb of bread. Every bit of equipment and the publication of every book!

We never had anyone to help us, just our faith, hope love... and a whole lot of Jesus!

So until the 17th of this month, my team and I are dedicating our hearts, lives and prayers to pray for YOUR FINANCIAL MIRACLE!

For those that are in ministry and wanting to start a ministry, we invite you to write, call or connect through any of our divisions. Simply say "I'm calling in for a financial miracle" and our lovely switchboard operator will direct your call to one of us.

We want to see a miracle in your life. We want to see you break free of the financial bondage that satan is using to hold you back. So let us stand in agreement with you. Let us, as a team of prophets and pastors, stand with you and get prophetic revelation on what your financial blockages are.


We are a body! Let's tackle this financial giant together!

Colette Toach
Apostle & Spiritual Mother
Global Ministry Resources


Email: colette@apostolic-movement.com
Phone: +1 (760) 466-7256
Website: https://www.toach-ministries.com/
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