October 25 - 27 (Meet Apostles Craig and Colette Toach in Chesapeake, Virginia!)

Come and discover what the Lord has for you at this workshop and learn the answer to all of the questions you have had about your apostolic training. As the highest ranking officer in the fivefold offices, God has called each apostle to carry an incredible anointing and mandate.

However, knowing where you have been and knowing what the Lord needs you to do are two VERY different things. READ MORE…

Our goal is to help you break the limitations on your ministry!


You need a band of mighty warriors, a team of fivefold ministers, a united force that is at your back with the anointing, skills and talents, wisdom, and knowledge to shatter the blockages in your ministry, and to open doors of opportunity before you. Global Ministry Resources (GMR) is a non-profit organization that does just that!



In a nutshell… we are here to get your ministry off the ground PRACTICALLY. You already have the spiritual tools and wisdom. Now you just need someone to help you package that in a way that everyone can receive it!



GMR is comprised of two pillars:
Partners & Ministry Leaders

Our ministry leaders, spanning the globe, are like-minded leaders, those that link up with us, unashamed to stand in the rigors of the trenches and take the land by our side. (These are those we support and put a trowel in their hands.)

Our partners are the glue! These are those that God has brought to pour into us to make this work that we do daily a REALITY in the Church and the world. (These are those who support us financially.)

With BOTH of these pillars, we have a building that is built on The Rock.