Supporting God’s Ministers all Over the World.

At the core of Global Ministry Resources is a heart for God’s generals and mighty warriors who are daily in the trenches.


There are not many places where leaders can go to be poured into and refreshed, but GMR is that very place. Here we supply resources in the form of ministry, encouragement, finances and teachings to help God’s warriors in their service to Him.

This page is dedicated to God's leaders all over the world, along with those that have a heart to support them. 

As you navigate this website, you will discover that you are not alone in the work that you do.  There are millions of ministers, just like you, working daily in the trenches, and paying the price of the call. 

Stay connected with a global perspective of what God is doing and discover that you are a part of something bigger than you could imagine - you are a part of the apostolic movement.