Leaders! We don’t just want to see your vision happen, we want to make it happen! We are surrounded by an agriculture of wealth when it comes to the spirit. Here at GMR, we take the cream of the crop and raise up those ministries to function and stand as pillars in the Church!

We get it! You’re busy taking care of the work of God. There is not enough time for you to learn how to create your own website, research the process of registering a non-profit organization, and still make it home in time for dinner (at least not while it’s warm).

Good news is, we got this! We have been where you are at, and we know exactly what you are going through. The Lord did not take us through this process of becoming educated in the systems of the world to horde all of that knowledge to ourselves. We want to share it with you, and we want to show you how to navigate these waters and give you the in’s and out’s of making your ministry public.

If you are a ministry leader in the local church, or if you have an international vision, we want to help you out! You have all of the fire, now we want to help you establish your ministry. So, what is it? Do you need help formatting a book, organizing an event, marketing your materials, or making connections?

Whatever it is, fill out the form below, let us know what you need help with, and let’s get you the answers you need to get your ministry moving today!

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