Let me be honest... and even a little gritty?

When it comes to full-time ministry, I find myself on a hamster wheel sometimes. There is a lot to take care of and many problems to troubleshoot.

Before I knew anything at all, I pictured full-time ministry like this: morning prayer times with the Lord, a routine study in the Word, amazing times of worship and then sessions of prayer times and deliverance to the broken and bound. I could see myself ministering and all of God's people receiving. It was going to be glorious!


For anybody who is in ministry though, you know that this is a fantasy bubble. The bills keep on stacking up, ministry comes knocking at inconvenient times and then, you begin to face rejection and opposition. The warfare is intense!

Yet, as you walk this road, you see lives changed, and you discover that living by faith means seeing the miraculous - often at the eleventh hour! Witnessing the Red Sea part becomes a norm. However, the onslaught of the enemy becomes more real than ever before too!

The reality of full-time ministry is both WORSE and BETTER than I first imagined it.

As I run on this little hamster wheel though, nothing stops me dead in my tracks than when I see a partner or student and mighty warrior share their heart and give a testimony on the work that we do here at AMI. So often, we feel like a farmer who plants a seed and for a long while, he sees nothing happening. Is the seed taking root? What is happening beneath the surface? You cannot tell, until one day the seed seems to shoot up overnight and you see the evidence of your labor.

To a farmer, to see that plant shoot up, makes all the hard work worth it. The toiling in the sun, the breaking up of the hard ground, it is all worth it when you see the life that it produces. Indeed, that seed will yield fruit to many.

There are hundreds of testimonies that come in, including whole leadership teams in churches speaking in tongues after going through our courses. Not just any church, but a church that did not believe in the gifts of the Spirit. Then there are those that pick up our books and become spirit-filled and in turn, whole families are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

These testimonies are why we do what we do, and why we do not count it a cost to be daily in the trenches and on the battlefield.

Your monthly love gift makes you a co-laborer with us! So, to share the sheer joy of seeing one of those seeds spring up, this month's testimony comes from a long-time member of AMI and a mighty warrior, changing the world where she is:

Here is what she shared:

Yes, Colette, you have been more than just a spark and an inspiration. You have revolutionized my ministry in many ways. You gave me the understanding that everything we have gone through relates to who we have become. This made me understand that my walk in prophetic ministry was not in vain. When people would feel uncomfortable around me and I had trouble being relational with them, they would think I was cold and aloof.

I felt so misunderstood because of not being trained. I thought when I sensed demons around people that God was warning me that I needed to stay away from them and alert our Apostle that they are out for wrong motives.

Then I realized, that was the furthest thing from the truth. God gives people chance after chance, unless He specifically tells the leadership it is now time for this person to leave, and our whole purpose on this earth is to show the love and delivering power of Jesus. Your books have taught me how to first look at myself, and secondly, how to bring deliverance to many.

My husband and I were asked to form a healing life hurts class and it has been extremely effective. But here is the thing that I am most thankful for: you have brought into my life the transferable anointing that when I speak up at the pulpit, it is a part of you, because we are all the body of Christ together.

My husband and I wear many hats. We are elders, he is called to be a fivefold teacher, me a prophet, both counselors, etc. Colette, to be very honest with you, I have wanted to step down from ministry leadership. I have understood for many years the title is not what people think it is, but also to understand the high accountability before the Lord.

Before reading your books I did not understand how I am called to change the church. If I step down now, I know I have not finished my course.

I cannot take that chance. I realized too many lives are at stake and as you remarked "it is no longer I who live but Christ that lives in me.

You and your ministry will always be a part of my heart. Thank you for being a true spiritual mother. Our apostle has asked my husband and I to spearhead a Bible School with raising up fivefold ministry leaders and said that the Lord showed him we were like a mom and pop.

Colette, I hope I can transfer to my students this sweet, holy anointing and be a mother like you are.

Deborah C.