Raising Up the Prophetic Voice In Africa

 I need your help! Because Lord knows I want you to be involved with what Jesus is doing in the lives of so many in Africa!


Jesus was the first person EVER to reveal to us the true love and heart of the father (it helps that He was God made flesh)! I mean, He went into a room and found the most broken person there and said "I choose you." He drew a line in the sand and was the first person to say "I forgive you, go and sin no more" and he was solely responsible for tearing down the veil between man and God and restoring our relationship with God, the father (talk about a superhero!).


It is this incredible love and the calling that He has placed on our lives that brought us to Africa. He sent us there with one specific purpose! He said "Go and reach my prophets! Share my love with them and show them who they were meant to be!" We have taken that word and have since planted seed after seed and invested into the lives of those prophets who have cried out to the Lord saying, "God, I need you! Help me to walk out this call that burns in me."

Let me tell you... we found these prophets! Within 4 years, we have graduated three classes of students in the Prophetic School, and true to His word, the Lord continues to give us more of His sheep who are hungry to serve Him.

Now let's get some reality and perspective because although we have found great success in training up leaders in the body of Christ, it has not come without its many challenges.

Firstly, the prophetic move in Africa has been sadly misguided. There are many who seek after a prophetic word and the gifts, but have neglected the true gift that Jesus offers... a relationship.

Because of this AMISA University has made a strong stand to say NO to this trend and displace that doctrine with the materials written by Apostle Colette Toach that lead straight back to the Lord.


We are the voice of the prophetic movement and our cry is "Jesus, we choose you!" We will not back down from this conviction and the seed we sow will indeed bring a change to the church in Africa.

Secondly, the team faces challenges financially and many times they have gone without food, electricity, and even enough money for the birth of a baby. Now they wouldn't tell you that, but as for me... I am happy to ask you for help on their behalf so we can see this work continue!

I'm reaching out to you because I know that we can support them in their continual ministry in the trenches, to do the work most people can't imagine! Join me by committing to support them financially with a monthly payment of any amount, and let's give them the resources they need to keep moving forward. The prophetic movement has started in Africa and your support can be the voice they hear crying out "Jesus, we choose you!"

Help us to displace these false prophetic teachings with the genuine prophetic that they are looking for by contributing online here:


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