Reporting From the Gathering Place

From across the country to down the road, people are already making their way to the Gathering Place!  

Let me just get to the nitty-gritty part of what the Lord has been doing in the gathering place so far.

Firstly, we have been visited by a wonderful couple from Colorado, and our partners here in California, and a young minister from the local community! So far we are still under preparations but already we have some people from the local community asking us to come and pray over their businesses. 

Of course, with all this happening, it means we are very busy here. ”But when is that something new?” From Praying, reorganizing or even baking! (when people come we need snacks right?) our day has been packed. 

But the most important at this point is the prayer. We have had a team of ministers dedicated to the praying and the laying of the foundations in the spirit. Daily our team of Fivefold ministers has been praying and decreeing and opening the doors for the community around us. 

Here are some of the revelations and decrees that have gone out over the community and gathering place so far: 

 The Lord pouring out his anointing from the gathering place and bring a revival over the dry barren lands.  
 The Lord is making the Gathering place an oasis and place of rest where the Lord's mighty warriors can find refuge. 
 The Lord opened many different doors and He has given us the opportunity to reach those we have never reached before. 
 Sending down His glory cloud and coving the gathering place and protection it from the eyes and the attacks of the enemy.  
 The breaking of chains and bondages over the local community and the people that reside in it – setting them free! 
 Mighty warriors out in the trenches that we need to go out a find. 

We want to thank you for your support and helping us reach into the local community and for making the gathering place possible. We are hoping to open our ministry centre's doors permanently to the public soon. We are just waiting on the final supplies we need to officially open our doors. We feel your backing in the spirit as we stand on the front lines - as we take this land over for the Land. 

If you would like to give towards the work we have a couple of options to choose from; 

You can either give a love gift – "a donation" - towards the Gathering Place, and this will be for, getting the supplies and everything needed to open our doors. you can give now by following this link.  

Or, on the request of some of our partners, we have opened an Amazon wish list for the Gathering Place. For those of you who want to know the theme and some of the needs, you can go check out the list. The list is if you want to takea look and see what we are looking for, just follow the link given above. 

Also, if you have any other furniture, couches tables curtains or rugs that you would like to donate to the ministry; it would be greatly appreciated. If you have such furniture or items to donate, please send us an email with pictures or give us a call letting us know. 

Before I forget, our ministry center doors might not be open to the public but as our partners; with us, our doors are always open to you. So if you want to see the Gathering Place live, call in and set up an appointment with us to come and visit. 

"We will make sure to have a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits waiting just for you!" 

In His love and Joy, 

Austin and Jessica Toach 

GMR Team Member  
Apostolic Movement International 

Phone: (760) 466 7256  
(9 am to 5 pm California time, Weekdays only. )