Party Like it's Your Birthday

That’s right! Why do we let the stresses of the world, or worse the oppression from warfare to steal away our joy and celebration? We have access to an infinite source of joy, we just need to tap into it. 

I am reminded of David, who could praise and rejoice even when his enemies had him surrounded, even when he had to flee from his own son in his old age. If David could still rejoice in all of that, so can we! Even more so now that we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

So party anyway! What better way to really show the enemy who’s the boss than partying and celebrating through his attacks? What better way to show him we can’t be beaten than by praising Him with joy, regardless of the warfare? 

So pick up your radio, blast that music and bring out the joy deep inside! Be like David who wrote music when he was at war. Take the stresses of life and turn it into celebrations! 

Tough day at work? Turn up the praise and rejoice away! Praise is the greatest weapon you can use against the enemy (besides love, of course) because he cannot comprehend such a joyful noise nor the power behind it. 

When you take that time to praise the Lord no matter what comes your way, you release a force into this earth that will give the Lord license over your circumstances! 

So, take ahold of your rebellious circumstances, your conflicts - and anything else the devil has thrown at you this week - and thank the Lord in praise for each one because He will not allow your foot to stumble, and He has prepared a banqueting table just for you in the midst of all the chaos! 

In His Love,

Austin & Jessica Toach 
GMR Team Member    
Apostolic Movement International 

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